doubtless asked before: which element was tapped?

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doubtless asked before: which element was tapped?

Michael Brian Bentley

Working with MonoTouch.Dialog, I'm trying to get a reference to the
tapped StringElement (so that I can get the .Value therein). I'm
crawling over the NSAction Tapped() call which has no parameter.

I was thinking that I'd just ask the DialogViewController what is
tapped. Seems like there's quite a bit involved, tho.

I found this reference:

which has the following line of code which I'm not sure what it's
doing other than adding a handler to Tapped:

  element.Tapped += () => {  Push (new SomeController (c.ClientId)); };

I also found this on stkovfl and have only a vague idea what it means.

I've looked also at DemoReflectionApi.cs in the MonoDevelop.Dialog
demo, and see some similarities there with the immediately above

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