Stopping an embedded MTD from bouncing back to the top

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Stopping an embedded MTD from bouncing back to the top

Paul Johnson

I have a MTD which add as a subview to a parent view. This is easy
enough and works fine. Now comes the interesting part.

On the simulator, if I scroll the subview, the view stays where is
should. On a real device, it bounces back to the top of the subview once
I take my finger off the screen.

Is this a known bug in the alpha version and is there a simple way to
stop this behaviour?

Happy to put this into BZ if it is not already there.

My adding to subview code looks like this

var dvc = new DialogViewController(null);
dvc.View.Frame = new RectangleF(0, 52f, AppDelegate.Self.ScreenX,
AppDelegate.Self.ScreenY - 52f);
usersettings details = new usersettings(); // MTD class
dvc.Root = details.Root;


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