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Dear Brian:

I am Joe Wolfe and you wrote the code for The Global Business Game. I hope you have been doing well.
As you may know, the game you wrote for me has been published in an online version by Innovative Learning Solutions. As you did this work back in the late 1990s a question has arisen regarding the need to update the code. They have done an in house appraisal and I quote here their analysis and their ability to continue to use your code...
The GBG shell is programmed in Visual Basic 6 (1998). Executable produced by VB6 maybe problematic to run on newer operating systems (this happened to our processing and delphi 3). First we will try to keep older versions of operating system to run it there. Already the situation of keeping separate machine for GBG makes it bit more expensive for ILS . It may become complicated for us to keep older version of operating system in the further future, especially in case there are no patches to security problems from Microsoft. If this happens, we will need to transfer codes from VB6 to something newer. This transition may require larger investment to buy new development tools, third party components used by GBG shell and pay for the work. (Transition to new marketplace processing may have taken about 1 year of cumulative effort
Can you shed any light on the degree this appraisal is correct?

Best regards,
Joseph Wolfe PhD
Experiential Adventures LLC
359 High School Road NW
Bainbridge Island WA 98110 USA
(206) 201 3216

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