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Monotouch Dialog StringElement Value empty

Alejandro Vazquez

Im having problems with the Monotouch Dialog StringElement value because it's hidden or invisible, I can't see the value on when showing the view.

Very simple code:


public override void ViewDidLoad ()
                        base.ViewDidLoad ();

                        var date = new StringElement ("Date:");
                        date.Value = visitor.PermitDate.ToShortDateString ();

                        var root = new RootElement ("Root") {
                                new Section ("Permit Date") {

                                        new StyledStringElement ("Date:", visitor.PermitDate.ToShortTimeString()),
                                        new StringElement ("Authorize:",visitor.AuthorizerPerson)
                                }, new Section("Visitor Info"){
                                        new StringElement ("Name:", visitor.FirstName),
                                        new StringElement ("LastName:", visitor.FathersLast),
                                        new StringElement ("Mother Last Name:", visitor.MothersLast),
                                        new StringElement ("Company:", visitor.Organization)
                                new Section("Vehicle Info"){
                                        new EntryElement("Plates","",visitor.VehiclePlates),
                                        new StringElement ("Model",visitor.VehicleBrand)

                        this.Root = root;


public override void ViewDidLoad ()
                        base.ViewDidLoad ();

// here I add the DialogViewController view to the Subview of other UIViewController

                        ConfirmationFormController dv = new ConfirmationFormController (null);
                        dv.ReloadData ();
                        contentView.AddSubview (dv.View);

The view shows the table with the Captions but all the values are empty. Does anyone have experience such kind of issue?

Thanks, any advice is well appreciated.


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