Any ideas on this xcode problem?

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Any ideas on this xcode problem?

Paul Johnson

I'm trying to fix a problem for a friend here and seem to have hit a
problem with xcode.

I double click a Xib file in the project which launches xcode. That bit
works. Only thing is that's all that works. The UI layout doesn't show
at all. I know there is a UI layout as I helped design the app on his
machine remotely (TeamViewer - what a gem that piece of software is!).

I'm guessing the problem is at my end, but I'm at a loss as to what it
is. If I design a UI using Xcode from scratch, there doesn't seem to be
a problem; I can get the UI back up and running from within the iOS app.

This problem doesn't seem to be a Xam.iOS problem as it's the same under
stable, beta and alpha releases.

I'm on a mac mini, OS X 10.8.3 using XCode 4.6 (build 4H127)


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